Collegiate Shag Workshops with Dolinde and Andrew

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Yay! Dolinde and Andrew from Amsterdam are coming to Aachen. Get ready for a weekend full of energy with the coolest dance of the 20s to 40s!

Shag, like Lindy Hop, is a swing dance with African-American roots from the 1920-40s, but is 6-count based and danced to faster music. It is known for its bouncy basic step and energetic footwork, which sets it apart from other swing dances.


Dolinde has been crazy about shag ever since she first attended a taster in 2010. Back then there weren’t many camps or teachers to learn from in Europe, but she was lucky to find a bunch of enthusiastic leads to practise with, and mainly learned from youtube until she started attending workshops/festivals in 2016. She’s played an active part in setting up the dutch shag scene since 2011. Andrew has always had a passion for jazz music and fast footwork, and he found the perfect dance to match these in 2016. Since then he’s been attending workshops all over Europe. He started teaching (with Dolinde) in 2018. Together Dolinde & Andrew have been teaching regular classes and workshops throughout the Netherlands since 2018. Their classes are a mix of technique, footwork variations and moves. They also love St Louis shag and occasionally mix in some Balboa as well.


Three hours workshop each plus breaks


  • Level 1: You know the basic Shag step and some basic figures in one role. A few weeks of previous knowledge is sufficient, e.g. if you attend our weekly Shag class starting in October.
  • Level 2: About six months of previous experience in one roll. You have mastered the shag basic step, some figures and breaks and enjoy faster music.

The workshops will focus more on technique than on figures, so that both levels are also interesting for more advanced dancers. In particular, the classes will focus on how Shag differs from Lindy Hop. You do not need a dance partner!


  • 1 day – 3h workshop: normal price 30 Euro, support price 40 Euro
  • 2 days – 6h workshop: normal price 55 Euro, support 65 Euro

If you want to support future events of our association and can spend a little more, feel free to choose the support price. If the prices are not affordable for you, contact us and we will find a solution.


We ask for registration by email to, subject: “Shag-Workshop Nov 23”. As the workshops will be taught in fixed roles, we need your desired role for the registration. Places are limited to keep the group size small.